(IBM DS 8.1) Stress Test 1: Flat to Flat

First stress test: Pass 6 millions of records from a Flat File, to CSV file.

If I had to portray the tools and infrastructure where they run, it would be like when I wanted to put on my shoes when I was 8 years, trying to run a marathon of 3 km, and also that my dad was at the finish line timing and shouting "This is nothing for you "jeje. It is incredible that the WAS and DB2 are running, yet DS gets up.

The test between nodes 1 and 2, (I am a sacrilege, trying to putled b 2 nodes into 2GM RAM) was more satisfactory than to a node.

I did not put targets to "Dataset" because it would break with the test format. All other wrote on a plane.

The applied modification was the amount of "Readers" per node. In the latter case, Iused 4.


Objective: To measure elapsed time reading and writing 6 million rows, from Flat file, to .CSV file, working on local disk.
Rows: 6.024.000 M
Columns: 37 Columns
Resources: Virtual machine with: 2 GB RAM, IBM Datastage 8.1 like main process over the virtual plataform. The resources used are anecdotal, today, Any production environment has enough processing power for current and future requirements. The objective here, is to build, to execute and to measure with the same environment (regardless of the limited resources)



Design & Run

Elapsed time (s) 114 Secs.
Rows per sec (avg) 52.840 rows/sec
Summary of log