(Informatica) Stress Test 3: Lookups & Filters

Another analysis to do is measure the time taken for the transformation of "lookup" and "filter" with the same file that the previous tests.

Even with the maximum allocation of available resources, the timeing obtained is not the best.

Measurements of CPU and memory are shot into the sky every time I run one of the jobs.

However, as mentioned in test 1, the results are so disappointing. And clearly, this tool will take the lead in the race.


Objective: To measure elapsed time reading 6 million rows, from Flat file, join the main flow with a lookup table (MySql) and take attributes. Filter the flow and write a txt file.
Rows: 6.024.000 M
Columns: 37 Columns
Resources: Virtual machine with: 2 GB RAM, Informatica like main process over the virtual plataform. The resources used are anecdotal, today, Any production environment has enough processing power for current and future requirements. The objective here, is to build, to execute and to measure with the same environment (regardless of the limited resources)

Design & Run

Lookup Properties

Filter Properties

Elapsed time (s)

436 sec.

Rows per sec (avg)

13.816 r/s

Summary of log